Monday, November 08, 2004

Today I began work on moving the plants from the side bed into the flowerbeds along the front of the house. My first move was to try to make room for the plants. I began by cutting back a hedge at the corner of the house which won't die no matter how much I beg it. Then I raked thru some of the bed...will have to weed it by hand though tomorrow. Next I thinned out he Black-Eyed Susan. In the process...I divided out the plant and wound up with about 25 plants I had to find containers for. I know....making more work for myself...but I just couldn't throw them away. Next I dug up the Elephant Ear and put the largest portion in the flower bed along the main drive. A smaller portion broke in two and will make two more plants. I was stunned when I dug up the peonies. Had not expected them to be as large as they were. When I planted them, they were about the size of an index finger. Both of the bases of the plants I dug up were about a foot in diameter. Amazing!! They have only been there for one season. I divided off some of them so I would not have to dig such a huge hole and planted them in the flowerbed which runs by the sidewalk. I was able to locate the Pink Glad. Bulbs also and move them. Tomorrow I will be moving the Red Hot Poker. I have no idea what their root system is like but I need to divide it as well. Will probably put it at the south corner of the flower bed near where the hedge bush keeps rearing its head. I hope that tomorrow will be as pretty as today was. It was just so beautiful.