Saturday, April 23, 2005

This Peony has done very well. It was one of three I purchased from Jung Seed Co. If I remember correctly they were on sale 3 for $5 or something like that. The catch was that you wouldn't know what color peony you were getting which was fine with me.

This is a picture of the Butterfly Bush that I got for my birthday. I planted it Thursday Morning and it rained Friday. It seems to be adjusting well so far. Hopefully it will attract alot of butterflies and hummingbirds :-)

Goldenfinch Thistleseed Bar

The above pic(taken in the fall of 2004) shows why I decided to do away with the flowerbed that was around the utility pole. It really got old having to clean out clutter after a heavy downpour. This can happen several times a month as our culverts cannot handle the amt of water we get off the mountain when there has been a heavy downpour. I hope that our Hanceville elected officials will do something about that.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Got a good deal of gardening and relaxing done today. I've been thinning out some of my plants so they will have more room to grow. Is nice to pass rootings and plants on to others. Am not getting rid of any plants but am giving away some rootings and dividing plants so that I can "spread the beauty". Got a Butterfly Bush for my birthday(today). It's been my dream plant for probably half my life so as you can imagine I am EXTREMELY excited about it :-)

I scattered some more zinnia and cosmos seeds today in the flowerbeds. If half of them come up the front of the house will be covered in flowers.
Got started setting my webpage up for this yrs flowers. See them at Marie's Garden 2005

Monday, April 18, 2005

Has been a pretty good week in my garden. This weekend--finally did away with the long flowerbed which was flooded each time it rained heavily in a short period of time. When the water would be too much for the culvert across the road to would flow over the road and into our yard :-( Now I won't have to worry about that bed and my beds along the front of the porch are full. I thought this meant I wouldn't have to buy anything and would be just pulling weeds but I somehow manage to make "work" for myself. Thinning plants and potting the extra. Have alot of oregano potted up and the black-eyed susan plants that I seperated from the main plant pretty much all survived. There were about 20 of them. Set out a few in the small bed along the drive. I sewed cosmos seeds a few weeks back and those are up about 3 inches. Planted the Canna bulbs and those are up too. The varieties I bought were a wine colored foliage with a large orange bloom and the green foliage with large red bloom. The Hostas are just now poking their head up. The azalea bushes were at their peak this weekend. They were beautiful. I have noticed that the gardenia bush is setting buds so won't be long to it blooms. Planted Brittany's Early Girl Tomato Plant today. The Peony buds are getting pretty huge. Can't wait til they bloom is exciting. The Canadian Lilac tree seems to have done pretty good. I don't know if it will bloom this yr or not. Is a fairly young tree so am not sure. The lilac hedge bush is also young too but looks in good condition. Would be great if both of them bloomed this yr. The next few weeks should be really exciting watching the plants. I hope to take some pics of birds this year as they are visitors to my garden. Won't be too long til the hummingbirds will be out in full force.