Thursday, April 29, 2004

Watered all of the plants in the front gardens with a mixture of Miracle-Gro. We had a light steady ran for an hour or so after that so hopefully the plants got a good soaking and were fed. I still need to fertilize the trees(lilac, crepe myrtles & Rose of Sharons) I'm thinking tree spikes. Those have worked well the past few years.

Cosmos that I planted from seed are coming up. They are orange and look like the ones at PlantsDatabase.

I bought two packages of Cosmos seeds about 4 yrs back. One pack of violet-purple and one of orange. Both did well flowering however all the the orange ones did a much better job of going to seed. I still have "volunteers" of them that
come up in the flowerbed by the 2nd drive. though I only had them there the first yr. Have been able to grow enough of
them and get enough seed that I haven't had to actually go out and buy more seed.